Sunday, October 21, 2012

Forever Pixie

I thought I would take a minute and explain why my blog and baking endeavor is called Pixie's Treats.  Pixie's is a tribute to a wonderful man whom I miss terribly.
Since the day I was born my Uncle Donald, whom I considered my second dad, called me Pixie.  I have no idea where this actually came from but right up until he passed away last year that was his name for me. 

Pixie and Uncle Donald 1965
My Uncle Donald was a kind and loving brother, husband, uncle and gentleman with a heart of gold.  He was a wannabe computer geek who would call me all the time for help figuring out what he might have done to his computer.  My heart aches for one more of these phone calls.

There is definitely a big piece missing in our family. 

Pixie and Uncle Donald 2009
Miss you.


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