Thursday, August 22, 2013

4th Wedding Anniversary

Four years ago today was the most romantic, amazing, wonderful day that I have ever experience.  All of our family and friends came from near and far to celebrate with us.

Four years ago today I married my soul mate - Geoffrey.  If you asked me ten years ago if I would ever find someone so compatible I would have said he doesn't exist.  But, pretty much from our first date we were meant to be.  Like most couples we had our ups and downs but managed to make our life an "adventure". 

Never could I have imagined how much I would love the "normalcy" of everyday life.  Waking up together, going about our day and coming home to be together.  Geoffrey loved to be home.  Many a day he would come home, sit on the couch, sigh and say "I'm home. I love it here."

As some of you know, this year I will be celebrating by myself.  I lost my Geoffrey earlier this year secondary to his transplanted heart (which he received four months before our marriage) failing. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for everything he gave me, understanding, patience, laughter - oh, so much laughter, and best of all LOVE.   When he gave me a hug he would say "you fit just right!"

So, to end this post I wanted you to see our worse but absolute favorite photo of the two of us.  We even have it framed.  This will give you a little glimpse into our lives which I miss terribly.  Geoffrey's heart failed him and mine is broken and aches to have him back.

Hug the ones you love tightly today.



Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

I lost my husband 9 years ago this coming Sunday, Aug. 25th. I know exactly what you're going through. Hold on to the memories and never forget!


Emily said...

Firstly, welcome to TCS bakers! And to let you know that I am tearry eyes right now. Its better to have loved and not at all. TTFN. xoxoxoxo

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