Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Rememberence

Years ago when I first started knitting I made my husband a pair of socks.  Even though they were not the most perfect pair, he loved them.  Recently I found them in his sock drawer and they brought back all kinds of memories.
I knit quite a bit for about six years, winning all sorts of ribbons and awards, but two years ago I just stopped.  Everything got packed away and forgotten. 
One evening while I was here alone I thought I would try and start a project hoping it would get me back in the mood to knit.  Well, it worked!  So far in the past few weeks I've knit a fox doll and hat, and started on another doll.  But, my favorite knit has been these mittens.  Elephants never forget.  These will make me remember Geoffrey every time I wear them.
 I will never forget you Geoffrey.


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